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Since 2019, isillien is shaking the markets with well-rounded solutions to your crypto-asset problem.

Specializing in blockchain staking, we provide the whole package: hardware, software, staking services and 24/7 tech support. Clients describe us as experienced professionals with a knack for spotting and fixing problems.

isillien is a client-approved validator working throughout several countries, and having contributed to many blockchains.

Mainnet networks
  • Solana

    AdtBv6jyEjY74XhkxZkowMuGfV1r58j44WCRyeToic99 / 10% fee

  • The Graph

    0x0Da2b8ead0975f707aA3BaD4c1aE4e705E4b3B53 / not accepting delegations at the moment, feel free to contact us.

  • CasperLabs

    01269c84a9153623fc47288f5a2b1bd681fc7d01b1f6144626583a56d3ba8f7c09 / 8% fee



  • Incognito Chain

    Contact us for more info on running a node.

Upcoming Projects
  • Elixxir Network